• Modern Eden Gallery presents a group show featuring selected contemporary artists exploring the subjects of nature and earth magic, flora and fauna, death and wilderness—with a nod to the nocturnes of Whistler, the notes of Chopin, and the gardens of Hieronymus Bosch.

    Featuring new works by Adam Caldwell, Alex Louisa, Allison Sommers, Amy Guidry, Andrea Sipl, Brandice Guerra, Caitlin Hackett, Caitlin McCormack, Calvin Ma, Candice Tripp, Carisa Swenson, Catherine Moore, Danielle Trudeau, David Natale, Erica Rose Levine, Erich J. Moffitt, Glenn Arthur, Gretchen Lewis, Jasmine Worth, Jason Mitchell, Jeannie Lynn Paske, Jessica Dalva, Jessica Joslin, John Walker, Jon Ching, Joshua Coffy, Lacey Bryant, Lana Crooks, Lee Harvey Roswell, Martin Hsu, Mary Syring, Michael Alm, Miles Browne, Phillip Hua, Ransom & Mitchell, Robert Bowen, Sandra Yagi, Sheri DeBow, Stephanie Jucker, Stephanie Law, Steven Ferrera, Tracy Lewis, Vahge, Vasilisa Romanenko, Wesley Wright + Malia Landis.