• Exhibition Dates: February 9–March 1, 2019

    Modern Eden Gallery proudly presents Trip the Light Fantastic an exciting new solo exhibition from gallery artist Redd Walitzki. This exhibition marks the artist's third major solo project at the gallery and builds on the work featured at our booth at SCOPE Miami Beach in December.

    In this new series “Trip the Light Fantastic,” artist Redd Walitzki takes us on a journey to a space where the everyday universe is transfigured. Ethereal beings appear self-luminous as the brightness of their visionary experience spills over, creating distortions in reality's fabric. This abundant overflow is captured in paintings filled with otherworldly light and color. As Aldous Huxley writes, “Preternatural light, preternatural intensity of coloring, preternatural significance — these are all characteristics of Other Worlds and Golden Ages.” Walitzki’s delicate panels embrace this principle fully through lush use of surface and swirling diamond-clear laser-cut edges.

    Layered in these works, there is also an apprehension about the rapidly shifting state of our natural ecology. The idyllic chromatic environments in the pieces hover on the brink of destruction: fire and ash evaporate blooming fields, and acidic oceans leave corals gasping for air. Yet the serene strangeness of the more-than-human muses in Walitzki’s works contain a glimmer of hope. Perhaps by exploring the far-off regions of the mind, in all their beauty and complexity, we can discover the key to building a brighter tomorrow.