• April 10–May 1, 2021

    Modern Eden Gallery proudly presents the latest solo exhibition of embroidery works by San Francisco artist Jessica So Ren Tang. Flower of Riches and Honor is an exciting new series, as the artist explains, "this series I experimented with a mix of Gongbi and Xieyi style Chinese painting. Gongbi translates to "meticulous brush craftsmanship" for its careful and realistic depiction of figures and nature. Xieyi is a freehand brushwork style that emphasizes more on capturing the essence of the character over precise detailed interpretation. Unlike my previous work, the flowers are not constrained to the figure but rather the figure is placed amongst the flowers. The clothing is omitted to feature more of the peonies." 

    Born and raised in San Francisco, Jessica So Ren Tang received her BA in Studio Art at Mills College in Oakland in 2013. Inspired by her identity as a Chinese American woman, she creates embroideries that reference Asian patterns and objects from her childhood. Her work has been exhibited at San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles and at the SPRING/BREAK Art Fair in New York. She currently lives and maintains a studio in South San Francisco.