• Exhibition Dates: May 11–June 1, 2019

    Modern Eden Gallery presents Dialogues, a small group exhibition curated by gallery artist Emilio Villalba. This exhibition presents local Bay-Area artists exploring unique and dynamic methods of visual communication. Participating artists include Matt Gonzalez, Kevin Earl Taylor, Tamsin Smith, Gina M Contreras, Gianluca Franzese, Daniel Segrove, Chelsea Wong, Drew Price, Emily Fromm, Muzae Sesay, and Daniel Ochoa. The show also includes new works by Emilio, including collaborative works with fellow artists.

    The fabric of the Bay-Area artist community is stretched, but we are forming new patterns, where new ideas of visual communication are being explored. Dialogues is about the intersection of these ideas—in language and in art—where the representational meets the painterly, and where the harmonization of varying perspectives and connections begins to form a scene. The project is a conversation on new aesthetics, where we acknowledge the past by carrying its symbols and patterns into the present.