• Exhibition Dates: August 3–September 1, 2023

    We are excited to present our Summer group exhibition, Covers. This exhibition centers around reimagined album cover art. 40 artists were invited to create a unique interpretation of their favorite musical album or album cover. Rather than referencing the original cover artwork, each artist will create a reaction to the music that is symbolic, evocative, and personally inspired by the music.
      Featuring the inspired works of: 100Taur, Andrew Sides, Arik Ehle, Aunia Kahn, Briana Hertzog, Brit Austin, Cassandra Kim, Christian MacNevin, Colete Martin, Derrick Scocchera, Dianne Hoffman, Diego Peñuela, Doug Rhodes, Edith Lebeau, Frank Lombardo, Animalitoland, Gretchen Lewis, Hallie Packard, Heidi Taillefer, Jessica Dalva, John Walker, Josh Thurman, Joshua Coffy, Juliet Schreckinger, Kelly McKernan, Lacey Bryant, Lori Earley, Marie-Eve Proteau, Martin Hsu, Max Pitchkites, Michael Kerbow, Michael Koehler, Michael Moses, Min Kyung Kwon, Morgan Booth, Nadezda, Ryan Martin, Sandra Yagi, Sea Monster and Stephanie Jucker.