• Exhibition Dates: July 13–August 2, 2019

    Modern Eden Gallery proudly presents Bloodline, the debut solo exhibition from San Francisco-based illustrator Mary Syring. A long time group show participant, we are eager and excited to present a broader range of work for this exhibition. Syring has a signature style, and this series expands on her illustrative reinterpretations of vintage portraits and ephemera through the medium of ink on paper, each work a thoughtful interplay of art and antique frame.

    Do you know the descendants of the witches
    As they creep gently through historic page
    With their ribbons and twitching digits
    Weaving grand tales that never age
    Have you met the successors of the witches
    Enchantment coursing through their veins
    A bloodline molasses thick with conjured lore
    Chanting invocations through dancing flames
    - Bloodline, Mary Syring