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  • Venus and Marzipan, Petals and Pearls

      • Oil on linen mounted on panel  
      • 16 x 20 in. 
      • © 2024
      • 18 x 22 in. (f) 
      • Framing included 
    • Rachel Bensimon, a native of Toronto, embarked on a journey to New York City to pursue her passion for art. She dedicated a decade of her life to honing her skills at The Arts Students League, immersing herself in the vibrant artistic community. Her thirst for knowledge led her to complete her MFA at The New York Academy of Art.

      From an early age, Rachel found solace in sketching portraits of girls, a creative outlet that fueled her artistic pursuits. With a psychological orientation, she delves into the essence of things, aiming to capture the deeper layers of the human experience. Her artistic exploration extends to spirituality, consciousness, and the interconnectedness of all beings, adopting a non-dualistic perspective.

      Rachel's background as a makeup artist in the fashion industry, along with her time spent in Paris working with models for prestigious fashion magazines and top photographers, has greatly influenced her aesthetic sensibility. Additionally, she has invested considerable time studying and replicating old master paintings at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

      In her art, Rachel seeks to offer fresh perspectives on classic aesthetics of beauty. Her subject matter predominantly revolves around girl children and young women, as she strives to transcend individual portraiture and embrace a more universal perspective. Often accompanied by various animals or set amidst nature, her recent series explores the profound connection we share with the natural world. The result is a collection of portraits that exude an otherworldly or surrealistic aura.

      Through her art, Rachel Bensimon invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between the subjective and the objective, the individual and the universal, and the intricate bonds that unite us with the world around us.