Wanderlust: International Group Exhibition

Opening Reception: Saturday December 10, 2016, 6 pm– 9 pm
Exhibition Dates: December 10–30, 2016
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Modern Eden Gallery presents Wanderlust, our annual international postcard group show inspired by travel, far-away places, adventurous experiences and fascinating destinations. We are pleased to welcome a fresh and exciting roster of contemporary artists this year, who have taken inspiration from every corner of this wonderful world.

Wanderlust 4 at Modern Eden Gallery - Artwork by Primary Hughes

Adam Caldwell | Adam Ziskie | Adria Sartore | Alec Huxley | Alex Louisa | Amandalynn | Amy Guidry | Archer Dougherty | Carly Janine Mazur | Catherine Moore | Christina Ridgeway Daliah Ammar | Daniel J Valadez | Delphyne V. | Frank Oriti | Gretchen Lewis | Jaclyn Alderete | Jay Riggio | Jel Ena | Jessica Violetta | John Walker | JoKa | Joshua Coffy | Johnie Thornton | Kikyz1313 | Kindra Nikole | Lacey Bryant | Lara Dann | Laura Kennedy | Lee Harvey Roswell | Leon Loucheur | Lioba Brückner | Lori Nelson | Marie-Eve Proteau | Mar Cerda | Marc Scheff | Megan Buccere | Melissa Hartley | Nadia Heinrich | Paolo Petrangeli | Robert Bowen | Rodrigo Cifuentes | Sandra Yagi | Shane Izykowski | Sonia Leticia | Simona Candini | Stacey Ransom | Stephanie Jucker | Steve Ferrera | Primary Hughes | Terry Ribera | Tracy Lewis | Valérie Vandermotten

Header artwork by Kikyz1313

wanderlust wall at modern eden

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