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    Exhibition Dates: June 11–July 1, 2016
    Opening Reception: Saturday, June 11, 6 pm–9 pm

    Opening in June 2016 is our 6th Anniversary Portrait Invitational. The annual portrait show has become a gallery tradition that we look forward to with excitement and eager anticipation. This year's exhibition, Portraits of Friends, is inspired by the online communities and internet friendships that have developed over the course of our journey as a gallery. Social media has become more than a platform for staying in touch with friends, it has become a powerful tool for visual artists to engage with growing fan bases, network with fellow artists, and develop meaningful and often complicated relationships.

    Portraits of Friends marks the 6th Anniversary of Modern Eden. We sincerely hope you can join us on June 11 for the opening reception and celebration—bring a friend!

    *Pictured, left to right: Carrie Ann Baade, Laura Buss, Christina Ridgeway, Sergio Lopez.

    Featuring works by 

    Ahren Hertel, Albert Ramos, Archer Dougherty, Bec Winnel, Bradley Platz, Brian Donnelly, Brianna Angelakis, Calvin Lai, Carly Janine Mazur, Carrie Ann Baade, Catherine Moore, Catherine Kaleel, Chris Leib, Christina Ridgeway, Daniel Segrove, Daniel Valadez, David Molesky, Delphyne V., Derek Harrison, E. Dale Erickson,Emilio Villalba, Erich J. Moffitt, Erin Anderson, Frank Oriti, Happy D, Henry Schreiber, Ian Reynold, Jaclyn Alderete, Jaxon Northon,Jel Ena, Justin Hopkins, Kieran Collins, Kohshin Finley, Lara Dann, Laura Buss,Lee Harvey Roswell, Leilani Bustamante, Leon Loucheur, Lioba Brückner, Marc Scheff, Matthew Robertson, Monty Guy, Primary Hughes, Richard Salcido, Robert Bowen, Sarah Joncas, ScottHolloway, Sergio Lopez, Steve Lawson, Susanne Apgar, Terry Ribera

    For more information about the exhibition or to be added to our collector preview list, please email us at info@moderneden.com.

    Portraits of Friends
    Pictured:Header, Sarah Joncas (detail). Thumbnails, left to right: Carrie Ann Baade, Laura Buss, Christina Ridgeway, Sergio Lopez. Flyer: Jaxon Northon