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  • Nostalgia: Group Exhibition

    Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to announceNostalgia, a group show inspired bynostalgic toys and games from childhood.  Each artist has chosen an object from their youth and created a still-life based work in it’s honor. Toys and games are revered objects that shape our outlook and personality, while providing us with a common ground for remembrance.


    Exhibition Dates: February 15  - March  1, 2014


    Featuring nostalgic works fromJohn Wentz, Brianna Angelakis, Derek Harrison, Lena Danya, Andy Kittmer, Steve Belmarsh, Phresha, Scott Holloway, Erika Jane Mallette, Steve Hughes, Kurtis Rykovich, Caitlin Hackett, Catherine Moore, Martin Hsu, Lacey Bryant, David Fiveash, Matthew Robertson, Daisy Church, Brenton Bostwick, Emilio Villalba, Peter Adamyan, Cory Benhatzel, Joseph Kelly, David Richardson, Christine Benjamin, Chad Knapik, Jaclyn Alderete, Monty Guy, Thea Saks, Debra Gardner Abarca, Leilani Bustamante,Alexandra Loesser, Sherry DeLorme, Wendy Gadzuk, Helen Wilson, JOEMUR, Ronnie Ray Mendez, Marie Soularue, Levi Hastings, Edward Cao, Pascal Leo Cormier, JoKa, Erica Calardo, Daniel J. Valadez, Catherine KaleelandRobert Bowen.


     (Pictured, left to right: Brianna Angelakis, Lacey Bryant [crop], and Alexandra Loesser [crop]) 

    The exhibition will be on display through March 1, 2014 and is free and open to the public.