Martin Hsu is an Asian American artist living and working in San Francisco, CA. He fell in love with drawing at his grandparents' house while growing up in Taiwan. In 1991, Martin moved to the U.S. with his parents due to health reasons that completely changed his life. 

He learned how to paint by studying books on Asian history, world mythology, and family photo albums. Martin graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation from California State University in Fullerton, and worked professionally as a character designer for Nickelodeon and Disney TV Animation.

Martin is a traditionalist making art in the contemporary world. He creates New Traditional Asian Art by fusing modern narrative with eastern sensibility. Works of peony blossoms and goldfish mermaids painted with delicate precision by using calligraphy brush directly onto wood panels, covered in thin layers of metallic gold and silver to resemble imperial silk. Surreal and serene images depicting an infinite universe transcending time and space where tradition blooms and mythology lives.

Solo Exhibitions

Martin Hsu + Mermay Opening Reception

Martin Hsu + Mermay Opening Reception

May 15, 2018

Photos from May 12, 2018 at the opening reception of our Mermay group show alongside Martin Hsu's NINGYO 人魚: EXQUISITE TALES OF THE HUMAN FISH at our 801 Greenwich street location in San Francisco.
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