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  • Lacuna: New Works by Lacey Bryant

    Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to announce Lacuna, Lacey Bryant’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. Lacey Bryant is a San Jose artist whose expressive oil paintings capture haunting narratives between her subjects. Characters inhabit a realm of strange, nostalgic sweetness with undercurrents of darkness and mystery.  In this new series, the works take on landscape-based motifs with the figures pushed back or at time disappearing into a dreamlike fog.

    Twenty Years of Snow (Cropped) © 2014

    Exhibition Statement from the Artist:
    La.cu.na /ləˈk(y)o͞onə/noun: a gap or blank space in something, a missing part.
    The thing with memory is that it is imperfect. Details get foggy. Gaps form. Things may be remembered slightly differently than they happened or whole events may be remembered that never happened at all. Then there are the things that stand out in sharp relief against the hazy background. Things that are as fresh as the day they happened. With Lacuna, I’ve set out to explore the erosion of memory as well as the little things that stay with us over a lifetime.
    As in our minds, things are scattered about- small treasures, personal effects, things forgotten or used up. Tracking a passage through time, these discarded remnants tell a story about what we carry around with us and what we have left- the absences. The holes leave their mark.
    In life there is a constant movement, a pushing and pulling as the environment recedes and rises again with time and season always reclaiming spaces left for too long. The elements of nature act as erasers. So it is in our memory as well.
    Nothing is real here. Or rather, bits of it are. Here there are places half remembered, objects that once held importance, lives that once crossed paths. We are asked to find the meaning in the pieces left behind.
    Seven for a Secret (Cropped) © 2014