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  • Emilio Villalba: Symbols of Death, Signs of Life

    Exhibition Dates: November 10–December 1, 2018

    Modern Eden Gallery presents the fourth major ME solo exhibition from gallery artist Emilio Villalba. In this new body of work, the artist explores interior spaces, personal artifacts, and symbols of his life. Further abstraction of the figure results into a collection of composite forms, flashes of memory, that when combined, read like intricate narratives, telling the story of their maker—telling the life of the artist.

    This recognizable departure from the figure, shows the artists range and reveals his passion for the abstract. While referencing works by Velasquez, Picasso, and Philip Guston, the artist has founded a unique method for communicating representational narratives through a combination of rendered and abstract forms. 




    Emilio Villalba Symbols of Death, Signs of Life