A•Chroma: Works on Paper

Exhibition Dates: July 9–30, 2016
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We are proud to present an exhibition of achromatic works on paper from select contemporary figurative artists ranging from realism to surrealism. This exhibition is presented in conjunction with gallery artist Erika Sanada’s new solo exhibitionCover My Eyes.
Alex Louisa, Bradley Platz, C3, Caleb Hahne, Daniel Bilmes, Emilio Villalba, Jel Ena, John Casey, Joseph Pfeiffer-Herbert, J.S. Weis, Megan Buccere, Ron Norman, Zoe Keller, Rodrigo Cifuentes, Chelsea Brown, and others
ACHROMA at modern eden
Pictured: Works by Ron Norman. Header: Tempus Fugit.Flyer: Homage to Seurat.