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  • The Dioscuri

      • Oil on wood panel 
      • 15.75 in. diameter 
      • © 2024
    • Christine R. Bay is an artist, illustrator and maker from Singapore; and she dabbles in various traditional, digital and mixed media.

      Her works mostly revolve around using human portraits as a representation of the story she wants to tell and the values she wants to convey. She also plays a lot on symbolisms via surreal elements that she includes in her artworks. Being a maker, she sometimes incorporates various crafting skills into her pieces.

      While she is mainly self-taught, she has attended various art courses and masterclasses held by esteemed artists, like Angela Maria Sierra (@risochan on IG) and Shana Levenson.

      When Christine is not painting at her easel or sketching on her iPad, she is usually crocheting up some yarn graffiti or tactile art installations with the local Yarnbombing SG team or participating in art gigs and assisting in workshops. Otherwise, she can be found at her sewing studio, thinking of what she wants to sew next.