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  • Cassandra's Foreseeing

      • Oil on linen
      • 18 x 24 in. 
      • © 2024
      • 19.5 x 25.5 in. (f) 
      • Framing included 
    • Lara Hochreiter was born in 1992 in Innsbruck, Austria. Throughout her childhood, shapes and colors always fascinated her, and she was intrigued by how the world is represented through the eyes of others. This fascination led her to pursue design and art, and she studied Art History and Graphic Design from 2014 to 2017, earning her Bachelor‘s degree in Graphic Design.
      Driven by her passion for figurative drawing, she ventured to Barcelona in 2019, enrolled first in digital painting, then sculpture and finally graduated in the traditional oil painting program at the Barcelona Academy of Arts in 2021.

      Having the technique and the eye of an academic painter, she started to create her own language - first, predominantly using oil paints interpreting the beauty of the human figure in a realistic representational style, but letting space for imagination and painterly expression. Her paintings are very strong in light and color and are an expression of the emotions of the person who is behind the image. Laras paintings speak about introspection, mental health and intimacy,  expressed with intense colors and texture.
      Mixing detailed realistic areas in her paintings with more abstract backgrounds - often scratching or dissolving the paint - define her style on the canvas.

      As an artist, exploring different materials and media is crucial to her. That‘s why in 2023 she started also painting in a bigger format and got into mural art. She is bringing her brushstrokes into a big format and feels very driven to the concept of letting your artwork in the streets to be seen from a wide range of viewers.
      About the artwork:
      "Cassandra's foreseeing"
      Lara created a character - inspired by the tragedy of Aeschylus - whose name was Cassandra, the beautiful daughter of Priam, the last king of Troy. She was given the power of prophecy by Apollo who was in love with her, under the condition that she would comply with his desires. Once she had the power, she refused his favours and the fierceful god revenged himself by ordaining that her prophecies should never be believed, even not when Cassandra predicted the fall of Troy…