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  • Celestial Flyer

      • Acrylic on panel 
      • Artist created wood frame with faux leather insert
      • 14 x 20 in. 
      • © 2021
      • 17.75 x 23.75 in. (f)  
    •  This series of paintings was created with a loose thematic connection in mind, and while each piece is a completely separate stand alone work I imagine them also acting as stepping stones for an imagined story.

      “Celestial Flyer” illustrates an imagined mythological tale of a great bird who soars through the evening sky spreading stars from a pair of moonflowers. There’s a small Easter egg in this one; the brighter stars in the upper right form the constellation Lepus, the hare who is the rabbit headed subject of the next painting and also wears a heart shaped pendant.

      John Walker has been working as a professional artist for over thirty years. After graduating from The American Academy of Art he began a career in illustration, creating a wide array of artwork for clients nationwide, including McDonalds, Random House and National Geographic. Acrylics became his media of choice during this time and he has become fluent in their application. His focus has now shifted to painting and exhibiting personal work centered around imagined narratives and faux antiquities from an invented culture.