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  • Replanting: Mountain Lion with Oak

      • Hand sculpted porcelain
      • 13 x 7.5 x 6 in. 
      • © 2022
      • Free standing sculpture 
    • Crystal Morey sculpts human-animal-plant hybrids as a reflection of our effects on the natural world. Through the delicacy of porcelain, she highlights the struggle of fringe, endangered, and extinct species in an era following rapid industrialization. In her work, these susceptible creatures become indicators of the adverse impacts of human-caused climate change. Morey addresses
      issues like ocean acidification and habitat consumption while reminding us of nature’s beauty, adaptability, and interconnection. She creates empathy for the most vulnerable, allowing us to hope that it isn’t too late. In 2006, Morey completed her BFA from the California College of the Arts; she receive
      d her MFA from San Jose State University in 2015. Morey has been an artist in residence at The LH Project, Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, and the Penland School of Craft. While referencing art historical traditions within her own generation, her work branches into the new contemporary, high craft,
      and fine art worlds. Her work has been shown internationally, with showcases at the Frick Pittsburgh and the Scripps College Ceramic Annual. Morey’s work can be viewed in the permanent collections of the Monterey Museum of Art in Monterey, California, and The Crocker Museum of Art in Sacramento, California. She lives and works in Oakland.