Sarah McCloskey

Hidden by Gods

Shipping Info
    • Acrylic on board 
    • 12 x 12 in.
    • © 2018 
  • Sarah McCloskey is an Australian visual artist & illustrator currently
    based in Fremantle.

    Working primarily in graphite, ink and acrylics, her intricate drawings
    and paintings aim to explore human emotion and connection. Her main
    focus in recent years has been on creating whimsical and engaging
    portraits of women, hoping to portray both fragility and strength whilst
    maintaining a sense of familiarity through their realism. Another notable
    feature of Sarah’s work is the use of motifs from the natural world, in
    particular botanical elements, where she finds constant inspiration.
    Sarah has exhibited widely in group shows across WA as well as in
    select shows in Sydney and overseas.

    In recent years, Sarah has been privately commissioned to complete
    numerous large-scale public murals around Western Australia. Bringing
    her work into the public sphere in this manner has seen her start to
    reconsider her underlying themes and concepts and the way the works
    can interact with the viewer, and this is something that she continues to