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  • Yaushu and I

      • Oil on polyester + acrylic and polymer clay figurine 
      • 24 x 18 in.
      • © 2024
    • Cody Jimenez is a Mexican-American artist working in Southern California. His work focuses on the natural world through a lens of Imaginative Realism. Jimenez often explores a world where emotions are embodied in physical forms. The emotions are represented through vibrant colors and shapes that affect their environment and characters around them. By using physical representations of those emotions, he investigates the dualities of beauty and danger that mirror mysterious forces he experiences in life.

      Cody Jimenez received his BFA in painting from NMSU in 2014 and MFA in painting from LCAD in 2017. His work has been exhibited internationally, including Los Angeles, CA, Denver, CO, Baton Rouge, LA, Santa Fe, NM, Dublin, Ireland, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.