About the Curator: Michael Cuffe

by Kim Larson April 22, 2015

We are excited to have Warholian's Michael Cuffe return to the gallery for the third year to bring together a large collection of talented artists from all over the world. This year, the theme is "Storybook", bringing together over 65 artists from a range of styles and mediums to interpret beloved childhood narratives in their own unique styles. Iconic books such as  The Cat in The Hat, The Velveteen Rabbit, Charlotte’s Web, and many more have been fantastically recreated with creative approaches and from adult perspectives.

About Warholian:

Warholian was founded in 2010 by photojournalist Michael Cuffe (aka Warholian) and has since become one of the foremost sites covering the world of contemporary art and culture. When the documagazine was launched, there was no plan, no objective, just a passion to document the world of contemporary art, and the artists behind their work. Cuffe spent countless hours (and still does) driving from gallery to gallery, meeting artists in their studio, all in an effort to document, capture, and share what was happening in the contemporary art (and street art) scene. Soon others wanted to help and joined the team, hailing from New York, Los Angeles, Europe, and beyond. ALL have worked without pay, just a passion for sharing paintings, sculptures, installations, and other artsy things with our internet community. Over time we’ve connected with artists around the world, and it’s truly been an amazing experience. Our goal is to provide quality press for the arts community, with a drive to inspire and inform the general public about the world of art that surrounds them.

ME: In general, what is your goal in curating art exhibitions?

MC: I want every show to be a fun experience for both the artists involved, and visitors to the gallery as well. With some structure, artists can really achieve amazing feats when they work towards a common goal. I’m just the facilitator. I see a group exhibition as one overall art piece, and there has to be structure when dealing with a large talent pool of creatives. Overall though, it’s always a fun process… and that is the goal. It’s all about the joy of the journey.

ME: You are the founder and editor of Warholian as well as an accomplished photographer and artist. How did you initially get started in your art career?

MC: I grew up in Minnesota and was always an active participant in creating art. I used to draw quite a bit, and participated in a number of after school art programs. We had family friends who were artists (The Heyn Family) and they were deeply inspiring to be around. I loved creating art. 

In college, I took up formal studies in the world of Fine Art. I spent over 3 years in figure drawing classes, pottery classes, jewelry making and casting classes… I used every elective I had to delve into art. But my true focus was feature film production, and attended Loyola Marymount University where I earned a degree in the field. Shortly thereafter I had a position at Paramount Studios in Creative Development. Hollywood showed me how to take creative projects to a large worldwide scale. After Hollywood, everything felt possible. 
In 2008, I became involved with Shepard Fairey’s Manifest Hope art movement, and my fine art work was exposed to the world. I found a renewed interest in the art community, and decided to professionally participate. In 2010, I launched the contemporary arts site Warholian, in which we documented artists at work in the studio, gallery, and the streets. The site has continued to grow and has reached a worldwide audience with readers in most every country worldwide.

Throughout all of this life experience, I've had a camera in my hand - and I’m most known these days for my photography. I've come to realize that it’s always the things that come most naturally, that we tend to get known for. I have a die hard love for photography. It’s just so enjoyable for me. I continue to take pictures, for both personal and professional projects daily.

The opening reception for “Storybook” will be held at Modern Eden Gallery on Saturday, April 25 from 6 –10 pm. Exhibition Curator, Michael Cuffe and select participating artists  will be in attendance at the reception.  The exhibition will be on display through May 9, 2015 and is free and open to the public.  

For details and updates visit: www.moderneden.com/pages/storybook



Kim Larson
Kim Larson

Kim Larson is the Gallery Director and Co-Owner at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco's historic North Beach neighborhood. Opened in June 2010, the gallery features monthly exhibitions of established and emerging artists. The gallery's contemporary aesthetic ranges from realism to surrealism with a strong focus on illustrative painting and representational sculpture. She is a pround member of the San Francisco Art Dealers Association and the current Director of North Beach First Fridays. Her passion for art started at a young age and continues today with her private art collection. www.moderneden.com

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