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  • Perpetum Mobile

      • graphite on paper 
      • 7.5 x 11 in. 
      • © 2021
      • includes custom framing
    • Nadezda is a Russia-born (1985) artist based in the Bay Area of California. Focusing on narratives carefully gathered from the hidden chambers of her imagination and transformed into dreamscapes, her multifaceted artworks are the intimate windows into the inner world of her peculiar characters and creatures. Like a quilt stitched of many realities where personages and places are intertwined, overlapped, merged, and twisted - Nadezda’s mysterious world defies the mundane. Within these worlds, anything is possible. A non-linear creative process flows between different media and allows the artist to explore various vantage points of her creations. Such dynamic approaches inspire her mind’s eye to focus on the worlds within and evoke an uninterrupted, creative transmission which is then channeled through her paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, writing and film.