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      • 4.13 X 5.82 inches (105 X 148 mm)
      • © 2014
      • Graphite on 600 gsm Pressed Paper Postcard 
      • Framed to 6 X 8 inches 
    • Wanderlust is an international group exhibition inspired by travel, far-away places, adventurous experiences and fascinating destinations. Participating artists were given identical postcards and asked to create a unique piece for the show inspired by the theme “wanderlust”. Travel via boat, plane, foot, and yes, even jellyfish to your favorite destination in this eclectic and imaginative exhibition!

    • Drawing inspiration from both the natural and pop culture worlds of her youth, Cory creates paintings where animals rule supreme, and are impervious to the cruelty of humanity. They are supernatural creatures; ghosts possessing both sweetly rendered characteristics and wielding occult symbolism.


                 Cory seeks to create images that combine her seemingly opposing loves simultaneously: the cuteness of childhood imagery like Hello Kitty and The Last Unicorn with occult themes like tarot, witchcraft, magic, the Ouija board, and Satanism.


                 In these paintings, Cory hopes to illuminate the majesty and mystery of animals by creating a mood reminiscent of a favorite childhood book, movie or toy. Utilizing the natural grain of birch wood panels in her designs, Cory emphasizes the imperfect beauty of nature, especially when juxtaposed with her choices of elaborate framing. The supernatural stare that her creatures possess commands the viewer’s attention and respect, while furthering an air of mysticism.


                Born in Amherst, New York, Cory Louise Benhatzel always aspired to be a lifelong artist. Her desire led her to Los Angeles where she earned her bachelor’s of Fine Art degree from Otis College of Art and Design, and from there began exhibiting her work in galleries worldwide. She currently resides in her hometown with her husband and daughter-cat.

    • This piece will be on exhibit through January 3, 2015 and will be shipped within a week of the exhibition closing date. Shipping costs ($18.95 D / $34.95 I) will automatically be added at the time of checkout for this piece. For a detailed shipping price quote or expedited services, please contact the gallery . If you would like to arrange a gallery pickup, just add PICKUP in the coupon code box when checking out and we will contact you to schedule a time.

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