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      • Resin, enamel, acrylic         
      • 18 x 18.5 x 15 in. | 45 x 47 x 38 cm. 
      • © 2020
      • Free-standing sculpture 
    • Yuuki Morita is an artist based in Tokyo, Japan producing artworks with motifs of living things, organic, physical and spiritual phenomenon.

      ​"Since 2018, I create productions as objective / figurative sculptures that has been pressed in my own interpretations and view of life inspired by Infinite patterns, flows and shapes in nature forming process, dynamic action, and various umwelts living things have." 

      Using Computer graphics and physical simulation to imitate an algorithm of nature sometimes along with traditional art methods in a way that is compatible with modern, motifs of Infinite patterns of natural objects and the fractal and various emotions are expressed as these sculptural fine art.

      Inspired by all the naturally occurring beings of the world, such as the infinite patterns and flows of the natural world, the processes formed by shapes, the mechanical actions, the umwelts and systems of life, the whereabouts of consciousness and existence, and themselves. Production of modeling works that incorporates the idea of ​​is started in 2018.

      In order to reproduce the algorithms in the natural world, he creates by interweaving traditional methods while using CG procedural methods and simulations.