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Curator Interview: Stephanie Chefas

January 15, 2015

We are thrilled to present the return of curator Stephanie Chefas to the gallery after last year's critically acclaimed exhibition, Feral Creatures. This year, Platinum Blend presents hand-selected artists from all over the world creating fresh, new works that exemplify Chefas’ curatorial eye. ME: What was your inspiration for this show and how did you come about the idea behind "Platinum Blend"? SC: Over the years, Platinum Cheese has given me an online platform to share the latest artwork from (the) contemporary visionaries. However, seeing art on a screen and viewing it in person are completely different experiences. I always wanted a show that could expand upon the dialogue between artist and audience initiated by my online publication, where fans and creatives...

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Artist Interview: Catherine Moore

December 06, 2014

We've been fortunate to have been working with Catherine Moore since the first year of opening the gallery and we are thrilled to be debuting her first solo exhibition this month! In this new series of oil paintings entitled 'Girlhood Dreams and Darker Things', Moore continues to explore the wonder and beauty of the human experience filtered through imagination and storytelling.  Influenced by the stories and books of her childhood, personal experiences, and her study of illustration her artwork is always filled with beautiful symbolism and intriguing motifs. We asked her a few questions about the new series, her work in general, and her life as an artist.   ME: What was your inspiration for 'Girlhood Dreams and Darker Things' and how did...

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