Artist & Curator Interviews

WIP: THE 20/20 PROJECT A Collaborative Group Exhibition

September 03, 2015

Megan Buccere / Joshua Roman We are excited to present The 20/20 Project, a collaboration group show featuring some of our favorite contemporary artists working with a fellow artist to create one unique vision. We checked in with the pairs to get a glimpse into each process and how the artists worked together and incorporated one another's style into the artwork. Catch a peek of the show below and be sure to check out the final pieces on September 12 when The 20/20 Project debuts at the gallery.  Alex Louisa / Bec Winnel Christina Ridgeway / Tammy Mae Moon Ania Tomicka / Erica Calardo Sheri DeBow / Wes DeBow Crystal Morey / Jessica LL Dalva John Wentz / Lara Dann Richard Salcido / Frank...

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Artist Interview: Henry Schreiber

August 25, 2015

We are thrilled to welcome the return of Henry Schreiber to the gallery with this month's Project Wall feature, Here, Hold This. We sat down a few weeks ago to ask our favorite marmot master a few questions and about his inspiration for the show and dig a little deeper into his artistic process: ME: What was your inspiration for "Here, Hold This" and how did you select your subject matter? HS: When I was first invited to this show, I thought maybe I could try something new. I wanted to get away from the narrative that has driven most of my previous shows and really just focus on randomness as a unifying theme. Simply marmots holding stuff. This allowed me to...

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