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Artist Interview: Tara Krebs

August 11, 2014

ME: What was your inspiration for this show and how did you come up with the idea? TK: The illustrations in the books I read as a child were always really important to me. If I didn't feel a connection to the artwork then it was hard for me to absorb the words that went along with it. Somewhere along the way, I became interested in the idea of making images that looked as though they had been ripped from a story book, the idea being that the characters would seem to be a part of an ongoing narrative, and that people would have to interpret their own story. I thought it would be pretty interesting to put together a whole collection...

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Artist Interview: Lacey Bryant

July 09, 2014

ME: How did you select your subject matter for the show? LB: About a year ago I began a period of time with a lot of big life changes and I guess that kind of thing tends to make a person contemplative. I began thinking of memories and the way they are stored in my head like half remembered dreams. There are things that have stayed crystal clear since childhood and others that fade. I could imagine a mind as a landscape with bits and pieces strewn about like forgotten memories. I've been interested in how certain objects trigger memories, not necessarily personal ones, but even collective memories of stories and archetypes that form a hidden language that we all know without...

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