Artist & Curator Interviews

Artist Interview: Redd Walitzki

October 03, 2015

We are excited to welcome Redd Walitzki's return to the gallery this month with her latest series, 'Exquisite Corpse'. These new paintings explore the relationship between entropy and new growth all with Walitzki's signature laser-cut panels and flawless technique. All images courtesy of the artist.  ME: How would you sum up the theme of your exhibition? RW: The theme of this exhibition deals with the natural cycles of decay, and the surprising beauty that arises from it. I was originally inspired by the Surrealist parlor-game "Exquisite Corpse,” where artists collectively assemble a composition from the same point of origin. My sister (and frequent collaborator) Roxanna and I wanted to combine our pursuits of art and music into a project together. We wanted to...

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Artist Interview: Kari-Lise Alexander

September 07, 2015

We have been big fans of Kari-Lise Alexander's art for a long time and are very excited to debut her latest series A Lovelorn Theft this month at the gallery. We sat down to ask the artist a few questions about her inspirations for the show and delve into her artistic process:  ME: What was your inspiration for 'A Lovelorn Theft' and how did you select your subject matter? KA: I’ve always been inspired by Nordic fairy tales, folklore and legends. This particular focus on shape-shifting women in these legends really summed up what I had already been painting and I just expanded on it. Women that are secretive, vulnerable, mysterious and possibly not quite human. I think that it’s a very fascinating subject to explore and...

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