Window to the World

Mark Friday

    • 11 x 16.5 x 5 inches
    • © 2011
    • Illuminated wall-hanging mixed media (screen print, paint, wood, and plexiglass) sculpture
  • Mark’s assemblages have fanciful, fun, and enigmatic qualities. The work suggests weathered rural structures, odd scientific inventions, and vague religious icons. Often the works are fitted with light sources that enhance their inner nature as well as project beyond their boundaries.

    Friday uses found objects -- primarily of metal and wood.  These re-purposed components sometimes evoke familiar or cultural reference points, or may suggest less obvious and more obscured origins. For the artist, the process of creating something fresh and new from the discards of society is challenging and enticing. He has an appreciation of well-worn surfaces and the “incidental art” that naturally occurs all around us.
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