We are All Made of Star Stuff


    • 12 x 12 inches
    • © 2014
    • Mixed Media
  • I am fascinated by the concept of personal psychological conflicts and the altered mind. How we can hold so much in our brains and create a complete reality and truly believe it to exist. I tend to explore the brain’s ability to manipulate ourselves and others in all states of mind. As well, how humans (women most specifically) lay their emotions to blame on another organ, the heart, which only exists to keep us alive. The context of sex, power, and mental stability is expressed through depictions of vignetted figures, drawn hovering in off kilter voids.

    Born October 19th, 1985, I lived as a solitary child in Northern Virginia playing outdoors with my imagination & getting lost during field trips to the many museums of Washington, D.C.

    I moved to Orlando, FL in 1998 to become an angsty teenager. Surrounded by congestion & consumption, I discovered my voice & method of escape through visual art. After leaving high school in 2004 I spent my young adult years living in various places about the US, absorbing all the experiences I could possibly digest while continually developing my drawing skills & methods of expression.

    I prefer drawing mediums as my method of creativity for the control, complete focus, and intimate details I can give to my work.

    I am currently living in New York City where I spend my time exploring, learning, drawing, watching cartoons, and enjoying the company of my cat, Captain Evelyn Baker.

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