We Are All But a Fleeting Moment

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    • Needle felt sculpture
    • Wool, polymer clay, wood
    • 32 x 46 x 42 cm.
    • © 2018 
  •  Paying tribute to some critically endangered , vulnerable and threatened species and the wonderful people that dedicate their time to save them. The rainbows also symbolise the ephemeral in nature. We all here for a short time. Be kind to one another.

    I was inspired around reading David Chancellor’s post about David Attenborough, he photographer David with a blind baby black rhino and his comments rang true.

    “I’ve always felt that Sir David Attenborough is part of my family, an uncle maybe, who travelled the World bringing stories of other Worlds to us. He’d talk to us through that magic window, presenting us with all manner of marvellous creatures seemingly known only to him.

    Many years, and a lifetime later, I found myself sitting in a Land Rover listening to that voice of reason; now I understand far more of the world than I did then. The world has changed immeasurably, but the man remains constant, a bright light that we should all follow.

    It’s clear, if we do not lead by example, and therefore as a result our children are not taught that it’s not our God given right to take what we want, then what hope for the myriad of creatures who inhabitant this planet alongside us? Their World is no longer their own. ‘Infinite’ can no longer be used in Africa, animals are finite”.

    – with Sir David Attenborough ‘Africa’ for the @bbc

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