The Night Mother

Patrick "STAR27" Deignan

  • 16 x 20"
  • Year: 2012
  • Oil on Canvas
  • Framed
Patrick “Star27” Deignan and his work seek to discover a beauty in the flaws of the human condition. A self taught oil painter who delved into the arts at a young age, seeking refuge from his inner demons, he found a love for the figure very early on. After a very uncreative period in his life, a near-fatal night occurred at the age of twenty seven. Encouraged to pick up his brush again, Patrick adopted his moniker “Star27” and found a love for the process he had lost since childhood.

Driven by obsession, his work encourages a wordless dialog, engaging the viewer in a glimpse into a world where our darkest secrets and most intimate moments are shared. Though an unabashed attention to color, Deignan conveys pure, raw emotion from his subjects that resonate in the viewer. The works are telling stories of our vices, shortcomings, and weaknesses. They speak of our freewill, and our predisposition to err. Being reflections of his deepest feelings and experiences, the work, like Patrick himself, grow, change, become more complicated or simplified; continuing to evolve with each new piece.


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