Cody Vrosh

The Ballad of Rose & Thorn

Shipping Info
    • 18 x 24 inches
    • © 2012
    • Watercolor & Ink on Panel
  • "In Vrosh’s alternate reality there’s something dramatically wrong with the oxygen, something sinister permeates just beneath the landscapes but also, somehow, there’s still enough humanity left to give the creatures a grace and beauty that dances forth.

    Vrosh is a mainstay at artists’ expos of the Bay Area and beyond, plying his concept to an unsuspecting world. The concept in which a quaint and waif-like fragility is forced to wear its daily apocalyptic wardrobe of gasmasks and revealing clothes. But he spins this reality with a such an able alphabet it seems realistic, and that’s not an easy thing to pull off. It speaks of innovation and talent, his pieces bridging the gaps between concept, pop and comic art all at once."

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