Sisters of Necessity Weaving Our Cords of Life

Karyn Crisis

    • 10 x 10 inches
    • © 2012
    • Oil on Panel
    • Framed
  • "Through my art and music I express this darkside, the power within it, and the controversial beauty therein by using the language of archetypes whose power and beauty have universally been both admired and feared: angels, witches, healers, women of myth.

    My focus is painting women standing in their power as these witches, shaman, and healers, and I'm devoted to capturing the symbols of these cultures and the movement of energy. Each painting has a specific intention, depicts a specific ritual, or has been crafted as specific spell.

    Depending on the viewer, it's been my experience that people either love them, want to crawl into the paintings and experience them...or they want to know if she's "evil"; they want to be reassured she's using her power in the "right" way according to them." ~Karyn Crisis

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