RESPECT XL (Pyrite) Earrings


  • is handmade, one of a kind, Bling; Just another method and means through which San Francisco artist, Haejin, continues to live an artful life. Bittersweet as she started her creative endeavors as a fine artist: a painter, a sculptor, an installation artist. But it struck her the other day how similar her jewelry making process is to her other creative processes. Fine art is still, and always will be, at her core. And jewelry is like any other form of self-expression, but with a lot more shimmer, finite detail and in-your-face steez. For Haej, it's an immediate way to showcase sculptural, 3-dimensional pieces out on the streets and in everyday life, while also contributing to the ideal that beautifully hand-crafted art should and can be more accesible to everyone.
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