Playful Girls

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    • Ink and Acrylic on Printed Cotton Paper
    • © 2015
    • 32 x 49 in.
  • Ciler's practice involves the defacement or manipulation of existing images with an often darkly archaeological intent to unearth their emotional substrate. Through his collage, drawing, painting, and installation work, he twists found images into visceral commentaries on death, violence, beauty and the built environment.

    He has exhibited individually at Yautepec Gallery, Toca Gallery, Nina Menocal, and Border in Mexico City, as well as the Tijuana Cultural Center in Tijuana. He has participated in group exhibitions at Casa Del Lago, Centro Cultural de España, the Museo de la Ciudad de México, and MUCA Roma in Mexico City as well as Eyelevel Gallery in New York and Galería Miscelánea in Barcelona.

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