Jessica Joslin


Shipping Info
    • Antique hardware and findings, bone, turtle shell, glove leather, glass eyes
    • 1.5 x 3 x 4 in.
    • © 2019
  • Jessica Joslin transforms unexpected found objects such as bullet casings, old brass buttons, musical instrument parts, bones, and other nostalgic ephemera into skeletal animal figurines ranging in size from one inch to six feet. Her work stems from an enchantment with Victorian-era taxidermy and osteological displays encountered in the numerous natural history museums she explored as a child. She began constructing a menagerie out of her collected oddities in 1992 and has since honed her technical skills through model making, prototyping, casting, and carpentry. Comparing her craft to that of an artisan watchmaker, Joslin explains, “miniature machine bolts, springs and couplings comprise anatomical structures. Many of the beasts have hidden movements: a spring loaded beak, snapping jaws, jointed legs and adjustable tails. Some creatures are free-standing but have mechanisms to allow for movement or multiple positions.

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