Oxidized Poppy Earrings


"I molded these little pods to capture all the details, than had them cast in sterling silver. I then gave them an antiqued black finish and polished to show texture. Last, I drilled them and added loops. Simple pods, dangling from your ears, bound to catch attention!"
Poppy pods measures 12mm by 6mm not including ring.
Earrings hang about 1" long. 

Iacua designs represents the dichotomy between the urban today and the rural yesterday. Inspired by natural forms, the jewelry strikes a chord in even the most refined city dwellers. Like vines growing between sidewalk tiles, Iacua designs demonstrates that urbanity and nature co-exist and complement each other.

Artist, Ruby uses real seaweed, coral, and branches found in San Francisco and the California Coast as molds for these genuine Sterling Silver pieces. 

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