Nonacidic Blue Necklace

While Odin Sleeps

~Brass, polished quartz crystal

~30" chain, pendant hangs 6"

Lauren lives in San Francisco now and will soon to be traveling to Who Knows Where. She is exceptionally indecisive, credulous, and regularly distracted. She’s either become fond of said qualities or has simply gotten used to them. She prefers fond because that would imply that she chose them. "The same qualities as the wind!" She'd say, "More like a clumsy bumble bee." responds her father. Speaking of the wind and the bees, she’s been courting mother nature for quite some time and to her mother's dismay, they’re getting married.

There is something to be said about the colors Mother Nature chose and the shapes she has created. She's quite the artist and her work is what inspires this artist.

Most items in Lauren’s collection are Vintage, Antique, and/or found object assemblages.  The pieces of wood are found along San Francisco’s beaches, Golden Gate Park, and other local haunts.

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