Max Kauffman

Mountain Retreat

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    • 21 X 14 inches
    • © 2014
    • Watercolor and Ink on Rives BFK Paper
  • "My work is a release – akin to meditation, a relief from the chaos of our day to day lives. Over the last two years, houses and architecture have become the zenith of my work. They are sanctuaries…somewhere to catch up, take a breath, recharge. The world I portray is sometimes yours and mine and sometimes a more magical place – I call it future primitive. It is a potential path or maybe just a way to reconnect with more pure ideas of culture from our past. It is knowing empires crumble, but accepting the growth that emerges in the aftermath.

    I grew up going between the woods/quiet of South Bend, IN and the best city in the world, Chicago. This back and forth continues in my work with conscious, realized line work coupling with abstract mark making. That moment of potential, that feeling of the unknown, is the foundation of my work thanks to years of traveling – staying open to possibility while maintaining a plan, a dystopianharmony between what is and what could be.

    My home these days Is Oakland, where the hope of an honest town inspires me daily." ~Max Kauffman

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