Mo Money, Mo Blossoms

Sakuna Daring

    • 12 x 12 inches
    • © 2013
    • Acrylic and Collage on Panel
  • The Language of Flowers Secret Meaning
  • My paintings grow out of my love and fascination of the natural world. I find solace under the hanging canopy of a eucalyptus grove or in the intricate study of a bird in flight. In such environments I am reminded how everything is in a constant state of transformation, whether growing into abundance or a passing moment in the day.

    I start each painting with a process of dragging paint in various ways on panel. This layer is often intuitive and improvisational; I never really know the outcome and look forward to the sense of discovery that occurs. Once that layer is dry, I paint images of birds and trees. I not only think of these elements as metaphors for relationships and a sense of place, but also as a meditated, intentional aspect that counterbalances the expressive and loose application of paint underneath. The final coat is a two-part epoxy resin which creates a glass-like surface.

    While there is a growing familiarity in working with my chosen materials, there is always an element of experimentation, mystery, and surprise with each painting. It is through the process of experimenting and creating that the unique journey of each work reveals itself.
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