Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Daisy Church

    • 12 x 12 inches
    • © 2013
    • Colored Pencil and Acrylic on Wood
  • The Language of Flowers Secret Meaning: I chose daisy, because obviously, I have very strong ties to the flower! My parents named me Daisy, since they had daisies on their wedding cake.

    In traditional floriography, a Victorian-era means of coded communication via flowers, daisies represent innocence, loyal love, purity, faith, cheer and simplicity.

    It's latin name, "Bellis Perennis," translates literally to "beauty everlasting." The common pronunciation of "daisy" derives from the anglo saxon word "daes eage," or "day's eye," thought to be called because they open at dawn.

    I chose to depict the theme of effeuiller la marguerite, or the "loves me, loves me not" game. I thought it would be a fun juxtaposition of an innocent, fresh eyed maiden plucking petals from a beautiful bouquet of daisies.
  • Daisy Church works and lives in San Francisco as art lead on iOS titles at Natural Motion Games. Previously, she has worked extensively as a broadcast 2D animator on a variety television shows, commercials, music videos and independent films, in addition to having completed three of her own short animated films.

    She loves to paint, and actively exhibits her personal art work and paintings in galleries worldwide.

    In addition, Daisy previously worked as the Public Relations Liaison and as one of the head organizing members for the artist collective, Girls Drawin Girls from 2008-2011.
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