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  • Joker Van Beethoven

      • Acrylic
      • 24 x 18 in. 
      • © 2023 
      • Original inspiration: Karl Joseph Stieler - Beethoven, 1820
    • A childhood compulsion to draw led Scott Rohlfs into the world of art, where his unique take on 21st century womanhood has given us some of the most cutting-edge depictions of womanhood on canvas in recent years. Born in Alaska but raised in the vary contrasting landscapes of California, Scott sketched throughout his teens, strongly feeling the pull of portraiture and early influences including supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. The latest fashion trends, as well as the human body and a sense of dynamic movement, were important in Scott's output even then. The fusion of human form and fashion remains the key driver in Scott's work, with his techniques having been carefully and constantly honored over the decades. Today, using the mediums of acrylic, spray and oil paint, Scott's work celebrates both the voluptuousness and vulnerability of the human form, as well as its continuing odyssey cross modes of representation. He explores our real-world existence right through to the virtual life, where the portrayal of femininity has evolved dramatically, taking the idealized womanhood of the gaming world and a more global visual parlance (drawn from sources as divers as news reportage, film noir and the graphic novel) as well as postmodern influences from multiple modes of being. Scott is refreshingly open about his broad inspirations from many different sources, with artistic references drawn from contemporary art and culture - including couture shows, magazines, photo shoots and music videos - as well as from the real world around him, whether that's passers-by in the street or strangers in bars. In particular, Scott pays much attention to the depiction of the eyes as "windows to the soul", evidence in his world by his almost obsessive inclusion of huge, deep eyes hat demand attention and inquiry. A major curiosity across Scott's work is that it immediately invites personal narrative drawn from public, or shared consciousness and visual language. Scott's distinctively assured brush stroke and his innate understanding of contemporary notions of beauty and style have seen him tipped to become one of the great artists of our time.