Charles Keiger


Shipping Info
    • oil on canvas 
    • 7 x 8 in.  
    • © 2021
    • 10 x 11 in. (f) 
    • framing included 
  •  "What I enjoy about painting pictures is the ability to create a world never before seen, a place with its own rules, values and characters. The elements in my paintings are based on real world objects; trees, flowers, animals, people, etc. What excites me as an artist is combining these real-world elements and presenting them in a surreal atmosphere in a way that makes the viewer stop and ponder, “what is going on here?” As a person I try not to take myself too seriously and this attitude flavors my work. If I can elicit a smile from an observer, or perhaps a sense of wonder, I have accomplished what I set out to do, and also entertained myself in the process."

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