Nadia Heinrich

I Miss You

Shipping Info
    • 5.82 x 4.13 in. (148 x 105 mm.)
    • © 2016
    • Acrylic on 600 gsm Pressed Paper Postcard 
    • Framed to 6 x 8 in. 
  • Wanderlust is an international group exhibition inspired by travel, far-away places, adventurous experiences and fascinating destinations. Participating artists were given identical postcards and asked to create a unique piece for the show inspired by the theme “wanderlust”. Travel via boat, plane, foot, and yes, even jellyfish to your favorite destination in this eclectic and imaginative exhibition!

  • Nadia Heinrich was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she currently resides. She has been active in animal rights and environmental awareness for many years, and has spent over a decade working with and helping domesticated animals and wildlife as well as educating the public about animal welfare. Nadia has been an artist for the past ten years, working towards a fusion of her love for the environment with a love for art, bridging the gap between visual arts and social responsibility. She is currently a senior at San Francisco State University and is majoring in Studio Art with a concentration in drawing and painting. After completing her degree, Nadia will continue pursuing her love of art and passion for environmental justice with the hope that she will inspire others to think more proactively to restore a natural balance to our planet.