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      • Oil on canvas
      • 24 x 36 in. 
      • © 2021
    • Viandara Elfaerian is an oil portrait artist. Photorealistic in technique and Magical Realism in style, her art is steeped in deep inquiry. Viandara’s fascination is in the essence of each individual’s archetypal embodiment, the lessons they hold for her personal journey as well as visions contributing to a new mythological canon. 

      As the pendulum of life swings, Viandara seeks balance through creation. Her art bridges the material and ethereal realms, guiding her toward harmonic equilibrium. Through diffusion and cross-cultural exchange, we build a stronger sense of the connections between the natural world and humanity. By bridging and embracing our differences we arise as an illuminated global community. 

      Viandara is captivated by fin-de-siècle art movements’ obsession with the interplay of light and color harmonies. This era’s aesthetic resonates with her shared intellectual explorations into mysticism, romanticism, and symbolism. Her brush dips into methods of the past layered with modern techniques and philosophies. 

      Viandara’s inspirational call to action: an artist is a cultural healing bodhisattva, producing art from the heART for the 21st Century. Creating while singing and dancing, Viandara purposefully opens each painting session with song, imbuing the canvas with prayer as she communes with spirit. Her artistic practice is both kinetic and meditative.

      Viandara is classically trained, earning her BFA and Master of Fine Arts. She is invigorated by an insatiable curiosity and wanderlust. Whether diving through phosphorescent bays or overlooking ancient ruins, she is grateful for the adventures that color her palette with new interactions with cultures, art, and landscapes. Originally from New England, she currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with her sweet family.