Eight of Swords

Daisy Church

    • 11 x 14 inches
    • © 2013
    • Acrylic and Colored Pencil on Wood Panel
  • The 8 of swords represents the concept that you must be open to defeat and facing your fears in order to ever progress forward.

    Traditionally, the card illustrates a women, blindfolded but alone, surrounded by half buried swords. She is a victim and bound, yet she is merely a victim by her own choice; she is free to walk away, and the swords do not truly trap her. She only imagines herself trapped.

    When deciding how to interpret this card, I immediately thought of an amazing Hindi diety, Akhilandeshvari, or, She Who is Never Not Broken.

    This goddess is a powerful symbol of change: she represents surrender in the face of fear in order to move forward in your life, often for the better. She is usually depicted as a river diety, riding on a crocodile, in and of itself a symbol for confronting and surrendering to fear.

    Like the 8 of swords, she is a symbol of learning to accept and embrace your fears in order to truly free yourself of your own limitations.

    For more information, I highly recommend this great article by JC Peters, who I am forever grateful for showing me such a powerful symbol of finding empowerment and beauty even in your darkest times.

  • Daisy works and lives in San Francisco as art lead on iOS titles at Natural Motion Games. Previously, she has worked extensively as a broadcast 2D animator on a variety television shows, commercials, music videos and independent films, in addition to having completed three of her own short animated films.

    She loves to paint, and actively exhibits her personal art work and paintings in galleries worldwide.

    In addition, Daisy previously worked as the Public Relations Liaison and as one of the head organizing members for the artist collective, Girls Drawin Girls from 2008-2011.
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