Amanda Banker

Beyond Infinity (Toy Story)

Shipping Info
    • Oil on dibond
    • 20 x 20 in.
    • © 2018 
    • 22 x 22 in. (f)
  • Amanda Banker is best known for her detailed oil paintings of surreal animals in scenes laced with symbols, humor and a touch of whimsy. Animals opulently dressed, are inspired by period clothing, and engage the viewer with ties to childhood. Some of her more defining influences include children's books and classic cartoons. Her education and professional background in animation and storyboarding, bring a unique vision to create unusual characters with personal narratives, and strange anatomy. “My goal is to take people to another reality of humor and hope, with a touch of the bizarre.”

    A self taught painter, the artist uses a variety of techniques to achieve her signature look of bright colors and attention grabbing details. Her application is steady and painstaking to capture each imaginary scene. Her style is distinctive and unique, defining itself as both surreal fine art and illustrative.

    Amanda finds her inspiration during outings in the mountains and forests near her home in New Mexico. “I often wonder, when I see a rabbit crossing the road, what if he was not what he seemed? What if he was so much more?”

    Currently Amanda resides in Corrales, NM when she is not traveling abroad.

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