Bat Necklace


They prefer to hide during the day and there is no better way than to hang out in dark places, high up and upside down. At night when their enemies are asleep, they emerge into the darkness using their built in sonar system. Their thin wings are as sensitive as human skin and these delicate membranes sense vibrations that bounce off obstacles. They love insects, sometimes fruit and very rarely even blood. But don't worry, they won't ever grow large enough to sport a black cape...

12.8g of solid sterling silver
20" sterling silver chain 1mm incl.
5% of sales go to

Manymals are a unique family of jewelry comprised of creatures that hang by nature. This first line is called "Wild Ones"and represents wild animals from around the world. The original forms are hand sculpted by Markus Diebel; they are then cast in different materials, hand polished and packaged in San Francisco. The special packaging is made from 100% recycled paper pulp and each package features a story about the manymal inside. At a presentation of Wild Aid, Markus met Bo Derek, who encouraged him to support her cause. With part of the proceeds going to WildAid, your purchase actually helps the animals whose beauty it captures. 

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