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  • A Perilous Journey: Tara Krebs Solo Exhibition

    Exhibition Dates: August 16 - September 6, 2014



    Modern Eden Gallery is pleased to announce A Perilous Journey, the US debut of Canadian illustrator, Tara Krebs. Tara Krebs is a Toronto artist who paints surreal worlds and storybook-style imagery to explore her memories of childhood role-play, and feelings toward the symbiotic nature of all things. Working predominantly in acrylic and oils, her intricately detailed scenes are meant to draw the viewer in, as one would experience while reading a picture book.


    Exhibition Statement from the Artist: A Perilous Journey’ is an interactive "storybook" about a young girl navigating her way through a magical realm. With no written chronicle as reference, and only the most crucial and climactic moments of her tale to draw from, viewers must rely on their own imaginations to fill in the blanks and "write" this young girl’s story.

    The goal in allowing this space for interpretation is to promote the use of and patience for one’s personal sense of wonder in a world where information is immediately accessible - unlike the artist's childhood where people were often left to imagine the possibilities of their curiosities long before their questions might be answered.

    Thank you to theToronto Arts Council for their generous support of this project.



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