FlashBLACK Friday Sale

 Modern Eden Gallery is excited to announce our 2nd Flashback Sale featuring works from previous exhibitions. This one happens to fall on "Black Friday", so we've donned it FlashBLACK Friday Sale!

Dozens of works at least 25% off and up to 75% off original gallery prices. This is a great opportunity to shop works from your favorite artists at a fraction of the cost, just in time for the holidays.

Participating artists include: Zofia Bogusz, Erica Calardo, Lacey Bryant, MAM, Archer Dougherty, Matthew J. Price, Sergio Lopez, Henry Schreiber, Amy Katherine Minchew, Julie Zarate, Edith Lebeau, Kieran Collins, Erika Jane Mallette, Fang Ling Lee, Sakuna Daring, JoKa, Corviid, Bradley Platz, Patrick "STAR27" Deignan, Pascal Leo Cormier, Derek Harrison, Daisy Church, Joshua Coffy, Duma, Cory Benhatzel, Lance Hewison, Aniela Sobieski, Catherine Moore, Steve Belmarsh, Marisa Ware, Melissa Morgan, David Camisa, Shannon Amidon, Angela Willetts, Helice Wen, Albert Ramos, Doubleparlour, Lara Dann, Steven Suiter, Craig LaRotonda, Jane Kenoyer, Sarah Vanphravong/GAFAS, Brianna Angelakis, Paolo Petrangeli, Danielle Murray, Jaclyn Alderete, Robert Bowen, Chris Sedgwick, Kassie McMahon, Melissa Hartley, Shawn Kawa, Corey Urlacher, Scott Holloway, Brande Barrett, Edward Cao, Daniel J Valadez, Kim Larson, Rodrigo Cifuentes, Erich J. Moffitt... and MORE!


Shop the Collection through December 1, 2013