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  • While the Forest Sleeps

      • Acrylic on wood panel and 23k gold leaf 
      • 10 x 8 in. 
      • © 2024
      • 15 x 12.5 in. (f) 
      • Framing included 
    • Gabriela Sincich is a US-based visual artist working in painting, drawing, and mixed media. Her art oscillates between reality and imagination, as she explores the artistic possibilities of the natural forms and the concept of the circle of life through a narrative that now dwells in the knowledge of the fragility of the natural world, a world that she depicts in detail as an act of reverence.

      Gabriela grew up mentored by her father, Bernardo Sincich (1931-2006), himself a landscape painter and a naturalist by heart. She attended the School of Fine Arts at the National University of Córdoba, Argentina, where she continued her studies in art with a strong classical foundation, focusing on Painting and Drawing, Art History, and Visual Arts Education. After graduation, she moved to Europe, lived in Spain (1996-2000) and England (2000-2001), where she did postgraduate studies, worked on art and visual design projects, and joined local art groups and organizations. In 2001, she moved to the US embracing new professional opportunities and collaborations.

      Gabriela has been exhibiting since 1990 and her artwork is now in collections in South America, Europe, Asia, and the United States. She has also worked on various side projects in the area of natural science, including collaborations with national and international environmental agencies and the development of outreach programs to promote understanding and respect for the natural world through art.

      Since 2009, she has lived with her family in West Lafayette, Indiana, where she actively works in her residential studio.