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  • The Little Death

      • Oil on panel
      • 11 x 14 in. 
      • © 2022
      • 17 x 20 in. (f) 
      • Framing included 
    • Kristen Margiotta is a Delaware based contemporary oil painter whose passion for art is pervasive throughout her lifestyle. For over fifteen years, she has been exhibiting her work nationally, illustrating books, and actively participating in her local art community.

      Margiotta has transitioned from her big eyed gallery paintings and illustration work that she has built her career on the last 15 years, into more traditional, realistic and narrative oil painting. She’s also returned to portrait painting, working directly from live models using the direct method of "alla prima" oil painting. Her return to more realistic subject matter is a reflection of events that unfolded in her personal life and her desire to explore the complexities of this world and beyond.

      Strength, raw human emotion, and the color red pervade her work. She paints what comes from her heart and her evolution as a person and an artist is unfolding and emerging through her recent work. Margiotta's viewers are often quoted as saying they can feel the drama unfolding in the painting, like a movie in motion.

      Her oil paintings are found in the homes of private collectors across the country, ranging from collectors of animation and cartoon art, to dark art, pop surrealism, and realism.

      Margiotta instructs private art lessons at her home studio, and has instructed art for over 15 years.